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Mario Games is a compilation of three action games. Your main objective is stomping
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19 September 2009

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Video games are loved by most of us owing to the leisure and fun environment they lend us amidst stressful working conditions. Mario character was developed by Japanese video game designer in the early 1980s amongst the more popular Pac-Man and Popeye and Bluto and starred in multiple versions that are popular till date. Mario was developed by the popular video game giant Nintendo and is depicted as a short and plump plumber living in the Mushroom kingdom and since inception has become an icon of sorts for the gaming industry owing to the spectacular success and popularity it received. Another addition in the collection of Mario games is the Mario Games 1.0 that consists of three action games and premise on eliminating enemies to save himself.

Mario Games 1.0 contains an intuitive and vibrant interface with the main options placed intuitively that facilitates easy navigation and makes game playing a pleasurable experience. The amiable Mario is there who strives to eliminate the enemies and save himself against any attacks. The game has incorporated the special style of gathering points from the original Super Mario that tramps and pushes the Koopa Shells and tries to defeat as many enemies as possible with one single shot. There are different levels to play on and each of them provides diverse strategy to the player with only coins available to increase power up and enhances the score as well. There no other mediums like flowers or shrooms and in case the player Mario dies, the final score is calculated and sent to the worldwide database to make its way in the rankings.

To conclude, Mario Games certainly proves to be an enhanced gaming application that already contains a huge fan following and hence scores a rating of four points for its stellar performance and popularity.

Publisher's description

Mario Games is a compilation of three action games. Your main objective is stomping on the enemies to not get killed yourself. The game incorporates the interesting way of getting points from the original Super Mario - stomping on and pushing Koopa Shells trying to defeat as many enemies as possible with one kicj. There are three different levels, each needing different strategy. You have to remember that the only power-up in this game are coins which increase your points. There are neither shrooms nor fireflowers, not even stars. After you die your score is calculated and you can send your score to the world-wide online score database to fight for the first place!
Mario Games
Mario Games
Version 1.0
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